Michel Tholel’s success as a respected Kickboxing coach can be found in his extensive experience both as a corner man and coach.

As far back as the late 1980’s Michel Tholel started as a corner man, assisting his former trainer John Hardenbol (at the Kyoto Gym) ­ learning many match and coaching skills that still serve him well to this day; indeed Hardenbol was for Tholel the inspiration to become a trainer, coach and mentor later in his trainingcareer. During this formative period he also trained himself with potential future champions such as Jan Siersema, Dennis de Wit, Eumer Tekin, Ait said Hokari, Said Taimount, and many more. Michel Tholel started to train fighters at the beginning of the millenium and from that time he was really infected with enthusiasm for Kickboxing; as he made progress in leadership and coaching in his own style.

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Michel Tholel is a calm person with a lot of patience who prefers to work in the background rather than in the spotlights. Michel gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom over the years of his career. He has dedicated his whole life to his position as head coach of Team Furious. The example he sets gets noticed not only by his fighters but also by all the people working around him and is about more than kickboxing.

The way that Michel Tholel motivates and stimulates other people is received positively by everyone around him. He takes his role as head coach of Team Furious very seriously and takes on every opportunity he gets to improve the technique of the fighters that he trains. As head coach he analyzes every fighting technique used by his fighters and try’s to improve it where necessary. He has made a detailed plan for each fighter individually so he maximizes their performance at their highest level.

Michel Tholel is disciplined, controlled and precise in the way he trains his fighters but has always has room for a bit of fun. Since Michel started to train the fighters of Team Furious, the level in terms of fighting skills and insights/perspectives in the sport and fights had increased significantly. The team was constituted to a unity with one important factor; discipline.

The fighters of Team Furious look up to Michel and fully trust his methods. Team Furious has the utmost confidence in Michel’s ability to make decisions related to fights and the business around it. © 2013-2020